Web Development, App Development, Cyber Security, UI/UX Designing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Open Source, Cloud Computing, Competitive Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms, thus substantially more. The entirety of this is accessible to you nearly for nothing to learn on the web, and a few things are additionally instructed in school. Yet, how can one settle on what abilities to zero in on, how long to spend, and when to do what.

These inquiries regularly come up while considering our profession, conversation with companions, and for the most part, to us. On the off chance that I knew this prior to…

Time Limit Exceeded! Ah! That is irritating for everyone, from newbies to veterans. But for newbies, it may be a nightmare and Highly demotivating to think of a solution and implement it and not get accepted.

This blog is to ease some of the pain, help you understand how to find the complexity of your code, and understand the required complexity to get the problem accepted.

Finding the Required time Complexity of a Problem

Well, as a simple rule of thumb, modern judges (CodeChef, code forces,hackerrank) compute around 4*1⁰⁸ operations on an average per second(For C/C++). …

So, What is it?

It is a mind Sport where you are given some problem and you are required to give an optimized solution under various constraints by using your programming skills. This sport tests your Logical thinking, Analytical Thinking, Pattern Recognition, Pressure Handling, and most importantly your knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms.

Why shall I do it?

Aatif Rashid

Final Year Computer Science Undergrad in love with Algorithms

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